5 Day Challenge to Learn Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Level 2

Only 30 mins a day for 5 days

Challenge Summary

Build upon your Google Tag Manager Skills with this next level of Fundamentals Challenge.
Learn step by step Google Tag Manager with this 5 day challenge.

Implement Google Analytics Tracking with Google Tag Manager.  

 For 5 days, each day you will get

1. A Lesson to teach you the concepts and example.
2. Assignment to follow the instructions and do it on your own site (doing is the best way of learning).
3. Have Access to a Facebook group where you can interact with others and ask question

At the end of the challenge, you will
1. Learn how to go beyond simple tracking
2. Track JavaScript Errors on your site
3. Track Scoll Depot, Sections of your site and YouTube videos
4. Install Facebook pixel

Google Tag Manager has extensive capability - this challenge will allow you to start on the right foot and build upon it by learning on your own or by taking our course and advanced challenges.

If you can't finish in 5 days (because we all have other commitments) then you will have 2 extra days (weekend) to get everything in place.

Course Curriculum

Anil Batra