Put your Digital Analytics Knowledge to Practice (Intermediate)

Take your Google Analytics + Web Analytics knowledge and now learn how to apply it practically - Gain real life experience

If you are Google Analytics Certified or have taken few courses on Google Academy or Udemy but don't have much practical experience?

You know that you can't find a job with just a Google Certificate. You need to to practice and learn the trade.  

This is where this course comes in.  We provide you practical experience. Work on a live site, work with expert team members, gain valuable experience, add it your resume and boom! You will be far far ahead in the game.  

Course Summary

Learning Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager etc. is good but unless you put it to practice you won't gain much. In this course you will get real world problems that will prepare you for a new job, take your skills to next level and prepare you for interviews. In this course 1. You will get a real sites to play with - Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager 2. You will get real world problems to solve 3. Conduct Analysis 4. Prepare presentation 5. Critique from other students and instructor

Course Curriculum

Anil Batra

Course Pricing