SQL for Marketers and Marketing Analysts - 5 Day, 30 mins a day to SQL

Only 30 mins a day for 5 days

Challenge Starts on December 7th


Challenge Summary

Don't let lack of time be a burden. Add new skill to your resume.
Learn & Build Your Blog - Step by Step in just 5 Days - 30 mins a Day

 For 5 days, each day you will get

1. A Lesson to teach you the concepts and example.
2. Assignment to follow the instructions and do it on your own site (doing is the best way of learning).
3. Access to a Facebook group where you can interact with others and ask question

At then end of the challenge
1. You will have installed SQL Server on your computer
2. Understand SQL server interface
3. Understand how databases are structures
4. Write common SQL queries

If you can't finish in 5 days (because we all have other commitments) then you will have 2 extra days (weekend) to get everything in place.

 "For God’s sake, learn SQL.” June Dershewitz – Amazon music’s head of data strategy - implored to attendees of a well-attended digital analytics conference early last year. So, I did, all thanks to Anil Batra and his two part, one-day SQL training held at another digital analytics conference. I have had past experience with Structured Query Language, but Anil’s training provided real life examples of advanced nesting and more complex uses of the tool. I still use SQL infrequently in my digital analytics practice, but I now feel confident to build on what I know to tackle any business use case that may come my way."

Enrique Gonzales
Director of Analytics, America Association of Advancement of Science

Course Curriculum

Anil Batra

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