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Success in ecommerce relies on multiple moving parts, from marketing to merchandising, CRM to fulfilment.
Treating these in silo runs the risk of having divergent objectives which limit your ability to drive profit.
Whereas true business performance is the compound effect of all these things working in harmony, aligned to an overall strategic direction.
An Ecommerce Performance Framework (EPF) is a structured way of articulating your business strategy and defining the measures and actions required to deliver it.

Join this webinar where I will take you through a step-by-step process for creating your own, bespoke performance framework.

Developing your own EPF will help you answer these crucial questions:

  • How does ecommerce drive profit into the business?
  • What are the levers you can pull to drive that profit strategy?
  • How do you translate those levers into customer-centric goals?
  • What data and metrics signal whether you are satisfying those goals?
  • What are the specific actions or behaviours you need to drive in order to move those dials?