Optizent Academy Membership

Become A Digital Analytics Rockstar

Learn! Connect! Grow!

Optizent Digital Analytics Academy membership is a companion that will help you learn and master your Digital Analytics craft.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You know Digital Analytics is important but don't know how to learn it the right way.
  • You know Digital Analytics but want to add new skills and practice what you have learned.
  • You have taken a few courses, watched YouTube videos etc. but still can't get your head around the process.
  • Need help in making progress but can't find the right support and mentorship.
  • Stuck in your career and need a clear path to become a Digital Analytics Rockstar.

Imagine If

  • You got the right learning path from start to finish
  • You got exactly the content you need to succeed by removing all the distractions
  • You got step by step instructions to learn and apply your learnings
  • You got tasks to reinforce your learnings
  • You got a team of people  supporting you in your Digital Analytics learning path
  • You got all the guidance  you need so you never feel stuck
  • You got the mentorship you need
  • You got the network to help you find your new job or freelance opportunity

Yes, It is Possible!

Introducing Optizent Insider Membership!

A Membership That Will

  • Provide you a clear learning path so you don't waste your time with unnecessary courses and content.
  • Provide you 25+ courses on various topics in Digital Analytics
  • Provide you Peer to Peer Support and Mentorship
  • Provide you access to a community that is there to help and support you
  • Provide you opportunities to share your ideas and get feedback
  • Provide you opportunities to practice your presentation skills
  • Help you become more confident in your analysis
  • Provide you networking opportunity to find new job opportunities or freelance work and make more money
  • Help you Become A Digital Analytics Rockstar.

We will take you through this journey no matter where you are in the following learning path!

What's included in this membership

  • Access to 20+ courses and eBooks to help you master the essential tools of the trade such as  Google Analytics (including GA4), Google Tag Manager, BigQuery, A/B Testing etc. 
  • Instructor led training every quarter
  • Challenges or Mini-Workshops every month to allow you to practice various aspects of Digital Analytics and tools
  • Monthly calls to support your learning and career growth
  • New content every month
  • Exclusive access to community of other members who are there to provide guidance and support you
  • Professional Relationships & Network Development to help you find new job opportunities or freelance work

Learn and earn certificate in the following programs. All included in the membership.

Google Analytics (Including GA4) Certificate

Google Tag Manager Certificate

Web & Digital Analytics Ceritificate

BigQuery & SQL Certificate

A/B testing Certificate 

SQL with SQL Server Certificate