Learning new skills is not easy! We understand it and that's why we have 5 Day Challenges.
In an easy to learn format, in just 5 days you can add a new skill to your profile.
5 Days, 30 Mins a day is all you need!

5 Day Challenges provide interactive learning that you will enjoy!

  • Want to learn new skills?
  • Don't have time?
  • Don't know where and how to start?
  • Need guidance and support
  • Need motivation?
We got you covered! We created this challenge so we can create a fun learning environment that you will enjoy!

All you need is about 30 mins a day to learn a new skill and use the learning right away.  

You get support from my team as you go through these challenges.  This is your opportunity to learn for a low cost.

Are you ready to accept the challenges?

All Challenges provide a Certificate of Completion

Challenges Starting on Sept 13th

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"GTM 5 day challenge is the perfect introduction to GTM: perfectly paced over a week, it gives you time to learn, understand and implement the basic concepts thanks to short and very clear videos. The overall content could be viewed in a day but I loved that I did not have to spend more than 30 minutes per day on the lessons. Highly recommended as an introduction to GTM!"

- Alexandre Werkoff

"Anil designed a way to learn Digital Analytics through these challenges using only the right information divided into the right periods of time to permit us to finish small tasks on a daily basis, stay motivated seeing results and getting valuable skills both for job seekers and freelancers.

- Guillermo Suárez