Become An Optizent Academy Affiliate

Why you should join our affiliate program

  • Great commissions that you can earn without doing much. Who does not love free money?
  • Start earning 20% from sales of all the online courses and memberships.  
  • We provide links to help you get rolling fast. Cookie based tracking allows you to be credited up to 30 days from the traffic you sent us (last click before customer pays is the one that counts).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Affiliate Program?
Affiliate Program allows you to make money by sending customers to to purchase our courses. You place a special link provided by us, on your website, email list, or social media channels, that links to Optizent Academy. When a user comes from that link and makes a purchase on our site, you earn money.

How do I become an affiliate?
Email us at with information about where you will places the links and the reason why you think your users will want to buy Optizent courses.

What is the cost to become an affiliate?
It is completely free to join.

I am in not in US, can I still become an affiliate?
Yes, we accept affiliates from around the world.

I don’t have a blog or website, how can I still participate in the Affiliate Program?
You don't have to have a blog or website. If you have an email list, Facebook group, YouTube channel etc. then you can still make money. If you are part of an association, you can refer members of that association. There are several way to join and make money.