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A comprehensive bootcamp in Digital & Web Analytics. If you are new to Digital Analytics and need practical, hands-on program then this is for you.

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Monthly challenges, mastery courses, live office hours, community support and expert sessions. Includes technical mastery membership benefits as well.

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Google Analytics, GA4, Google Tag Manager Mastery. Includes monthly challenges, office hours, community support and expert sessions. Great for freelancers.

Where should I start?


I am brand new to Digital & Web Analytics

Perfect! You should enroll in Become A Digital & Web Analyst program. This will get you started in the right way and help you go from not knowing anything to become an expert in the field. This program teaches you theory and provides practical experience. Learn More 


I have learned some tools

If you have taken a few free courses, YouTube videos and learned about tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag manager etc. but don't know how all this fits in a business and also want some practical experience then Become a Digital & Web Analyst program is the right step for you. Learn More


I am experienced Digital Analyst

If you are experienced Digital Analyst and want to keep learning so that you can add new skills to your resume and work then Optizent Insider Membership is the right option for you. Learn More


I need to gain technical knowledge only

You have two options 1. Join Optizent Insider Membership - Learn More.
2. Join Technical Membership - Learn More.

Some Organizations Where Our Students Work At

 "For God’s sake, learn SQL.” June Dershewitz – Amazon music’s head of data strategy - implored to attendees of a well-attended digital analytics conference early last year. So, I did, all thanks to Anil Batra and his two part, one-day SQL training held at another digital analytics conference. I have had past experience with Structured Query Language, but Anil’s training provided real life examples of advanced nesting and more complex uses of the tool. I still use SQL infrequently in my digital analytics practice, but I now feel confident to build on what I know to tackle any business use case that may come my way." 

Enrique "Rick" Gonzalez

 "I am a student of Anil Batra. While the class I took finished in August, I use the present tense because he has continued to be a role model and mentor to me since the course finished. The best way to describe Anil's teaching style is empowering. He didn't just help us understand the material, he continuously stressed that even if we struggled, we could understand the material. Many people with strong skills with analysis can't break down how to do it, but Anil had great patience and great acumen presenting the material. Anil repeatedly stressed that analytics didn't exist in vacuum, you have to tell a story a story with these numbers for business stakeholders to understand.  Presenting numbers in a vacuum isn't meaningful without context, and he stressed repeatedly that an analyst's job is to make sure data means something to stakeholders who may not know what the numbers are. I cannot recommend Anil highly enough, he is a fantastic teacher." 

Charles Mendelson
Analyst, Pitchbook

 "I have been working with Marketing Analytics since 6 years ago, and if you are here looking for understanding the work for Digital Analytics, how to connect all the dots and how to analyze data this is the course.
Most of the courses and instructors talk about tools, programming languages, reporting and the value of the data but no one talks about the processes you need to follow, and how to add insights to the business, how to become an advisor for other departments and add more value to the business. That's one of the biggest things I learned here. Anil not only helped with tools etc. but also the process, insights, role of an analyst and how to add value across the organization.
Another thing I liked about the “Become a Digital & Web Analyst”  course is the practical nature of the course and Live session with Anil, who has more than 20 years of experience in the area, he can help with what you need to do." 

Roberto Perez
Digital Marketing and Analytics Consultant

 "Thanks to optizent courses, I learned very advanced techniques on google tag manager. You will tackle questions which seemed complex to you with great confidence. If you are looking for a course to take the next step you are at the right address." 

Alban Noutcha Ngassam

 "GTM advanced course by Anil is a fantastic course. It really helped me to understand inner technical concept like data layer way of tracking things.
So if you have some GTM skills and you really want to take your skills to the next level, this course is really good. Anil won’t disappoint you and guides you all the way. Brilliant teacher, five stars!" 

Ginoop Antony
SEM Campaign Specialist. Tata Consultancy Services

 "As an IT professional its mandatory to keep up with new technologies and solutions. In the wide options and short times for trainings its priceless to find a concise course as Anil offers. Tag mánager training allows me to understand better fundamentals to share thoughts with marketing team more deeply." 

Patricio Gutiérrez Pasman
IT Manager, Smiles

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