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If you're Struggling to Find a Career that will give you Satisfaction, Money and Ability to work from anywhere then this is a career you should explore.

You will learn everything you need to start a new career today.

Don't take our word for it.  We have taught thousands of Web & Digital Analysts is various programs that we have.
This is our complete program that we are offering at a prices that you will be able to make withing few days of your new job.

You get group and 1:1 sessions with Instructor to ensure you get full value from the course.

We will teaches you theory as well  provides you an opportunity to apply your learning to a real website. You will gain valuable experience that you can put on your resume.

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Data is critical to marketers these days. But, data that leads to no action is worthless. It is as good as no data. Today CMO's one of the top proprieties is to find the talent that can find the insights in this data and provide actionable recommendation to move the marketing forward and business forward.

This course is  for:

  • Fresh college graduates
  • Career changers - this looking to start a new career

No matter what your background is. If you have the desire and passion, we will teach you the rest. After this course you will be ready to excel in your current job, land a new job or transition into a new career.
I have helped thousands of students become more data driven and taken them from a Journey of Zero to Hero
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In this 8 week online program you go through the curriculum that teaches you everything you need to become a Digital Analyst. This is the same program that I teach at universities.
  • What you get in this program: 
  • Weekly lectures and assignments
  • 1 hr office hour instructor every week - group setting
  • Work on real site and data to complete a project
  • Certificate of completion in Digital & Web Analytics 
  • Lifetime access to the content - You will be able to download the content.

Have questions or need more information - contact us or call us at 206-973-6869

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Course Curriculum

Charles Mendelson

Sales Operation Analyst

I am a student of Anil Batra. While the class I took finished in August, I use the present tense because he has continued to be a role model and mentor to me since the course finished. The best way to describe Anil's teaching style is empowering. He didn't just help us understand the material, he continuously stressed that even if we struggled, we could understand the material. Many people with strong skills with analysis can't break down how to do it, but Anil had great patience and great acumen presenting the material. Anil repeatedly stressed that analytics didn't exist in vacuum, you have to tell a story a story with these numbers for business stakeholders to understand.  Presenting numbers in a vacuum isn't meaningful without context, and he stressed repeatedly that an analyst's job is to make sure data means something to stakeholders who may not know what the numbers are. I cannot recommend Anil highly enough, he is a fantastic teacher.

Course Pricing

  • Early Bird Enrollment
  • $799 USD

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