Become A Digital, Web and Marketing Analyst

Self Paced Mini Degree in Digital, Web and Marketing analytics. Build A Strong Foundation and Launch Your Career with Step-by-Step Practical Program

This is the only program in the world that teaches you in a practical way!

This program that will launch you into a new career in Web, Digital Analytics and Marketing!

If you want to become a Digital Analyst and/or add a solid Digital Analytics mindset to your digital marketing career then this course is for you.

Is This You?
  • Your have no background in Digital Analytics but want to start a new career.
  • You know a few things about Digital Analytics but want to add new skills and practice what you have learned.
  • You are a digital marketer who wants to add data and analytics skill to enhance your career.
  • You have taken a few courses, watched YouTube videos etc. but still can't get your head around where you should focus.
  • You are overwhelmed by things that people tell you to learn.
  • Need help in making progress but can't find the right support and mentorship.
Imagine IF
  • You got the right learning path from start to finish
  • You got exactly the content you need to succeed by removing all the distractions
  • You got step by step instructions to learn and apply your learnings
  • You got tasks to reinforce your learnings
  • You got a team of people  supporting you in your Digital Analytics learning path
  • You got all the guidance  you need so you never feel stuck
  • You got the mentorship you need
  • You got the network to help you find your new job or freelance opportunity
Yes IT is Possible

This Is The Program That Will

  • Provide you a clear learning path so you don't waste your time with unnecessary courses and content.
  • Provide you practical experience.
  • Provide you support and Mentorship.
  • Provide you access to a community that is there to help and support you.
  • Provide you opportunities to share your ideas and get feedback.
  • Provide you opportunities to practice your presentation skills.
  • Help you become more confident in your analysis.
  • Help you Become A Digital Analyst!

No matter what your background is, if you have the desire and passion, we will teach you the rest.
This course will prepare  you to excel in your current job, land a new job or transition into a new career.

Here is the Proof

Mervin Mchenga, Marketing & Public Relations Professional

"I must admit, I was hesitant of enrolling into Anil's programme in Digital & Web Analytics because I just wasn't sure. Nevertheless, this is precisely what I needed in my early stages of becoming a Digital Analyst. While at first I was learning Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, the programme made me understand that digital analytics is not about tools but a process,  and the roles the tools play in the various stages of that process. I also enjoyed the practical nature of the programme as it allowed me to apply what I was learning. Of most important to me was Anil's heart as a teacher and a mentor - he really cared that we learn.  "

Jamila Rabo, Teacher to Digital Analyst

" I am from Nigeria west Africa. My coming across Anil changed my entire life. I am a primary school teacher almost completely analog. Though I studied marketing in a higher institution, I didn’t know a thing about Digital Marketing nor Analytics. I started thinking outside the box in my life because of the meager pay I was getting as a teacher in Nigeria. Meeting Anil was the game-changer. When he tags his courses "Zero to Hero", I completely attest it to be so because it was literally so in my case. Like a father, he walked me through baby steps till I got to my feet. What amazes me about him is his humility and generosity with his time and support, he creates time for everyone. He is indeed an amazing mentor; he believes so much that I can make it. Optizent academy provided a platform for meeting with other Analysts, wonderful guys who acted as siblings on my journey. They were my “superiors” on a lot of fronts. I am standing tall and strong because I chose to hang out with the right guys. It is only in Optizent that you enroll for a course and you get much more, the course content and a family. Though I am not there yet, I am very far from where I started. Now I can confidently work on GA4, GTM, Google Data Studio, and more plus I am setting up my site all on my own. "

Tanisha Sabhaney, Product Marketing Analyst

"I currently work as a Product Marketing Analyst. I joined the Web and Digital Analyst course to understand the nuances of digital marketing analytics and implement it at work. Unfortunately, I was always lost in the analytics ecosystem and found resources that taught me how to implement solutions theoretically but never gave me the personalized real-life problem-solving answers I needed. Anil is a guru in everything digital analytics. He has managed to find a brilliant way to teach one the fundamentals and make them experts in weeks. The weekly calls help break down everything you need to help solve your specific problems. You leave the course with a practical understanding of digital analytics and implementation as if your job required you to be the mastermind behind creating the entire Digital Analytics function for your business. Not only do you gain great experience, but you leave with a mentor and a community that can help sustain your ever-growing analytical expertise and needs. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who is seeking to enter the marketing analytics space. "

Antoine Müller started his career after completing this program.

"In terms of impact, I would not have found my first internship without this online workshop. In the company I chose, a demo dashboard made a strong impression. "

Charles Mendelson Started his career after completing this program.  
He found his first analytics job within 3 months of completing the program.

"Anil has been an outstanding mentor to me in addition to helping me get my first job in analytics he has been a constant source of career advice"

He has been an outstanding friend I can honestly  say he is a large part of my income quadrupling  over the last three years just by helping  me identify how I want to develop my career "

Abi Sonpar, SEO To Digital Analyst.
Found his first Web Analytics Jobs within a month of completing the program.

"I was looking to swap my specialization from SEO and get into full-time analytics. It's an incredible program and I learned so much from it.  There are other analytics training programs out there but Anil has a lifetime of knowledge stored in the program and the level of depth and support offered in the program is unmatched. What I loved the most about it is how much practicality there is in the topics covered. This course has opened my eyes to the world of web analytics. "

Roberto Parez, Digital Analyst

"I have been working with Marketing Analytics since 6 years ago, and if you are here looking for understanding the work for Digital Analytics, how to connect all the dots and how to analyze data this is the course. Most of the courses and instructors talk about tools, programming languages, reporting and the value of the data but no one talks about the processes you need to follow, and how to add insights to the business, how to become an advisor for other departments and add more value to the business. That's one of the biggest things I learned here. Anil not only helped with tools etc. but also the process, insights, role of an analyst and how to add value across the organization. Another thing I liked about the “Become a Digital & Web Analyst” course is the practical nature of the course and Live session with Anil, who has more than 20 years of experience in the area, he can help with what you need to do.

Syed Ali

"It is one of the best course available to learn Digital Analytics. I like how Mr Anil has made us understand hard concepts in such a simplified manner. He has provided quality and relevant information which can make anyone start as a beginner and become an expert as an digital analyst, using this course and the easily accessible membership. I also like that Mr Anil is very concerned about his students and provides great support, this is the best part and he answers all questions. Overall I am happy with my investment in this course.  "

Munira Miyaziwala Senior Marketing Manager and Business Owner

"Web and Digital Analytics course by Optizent taught by the instructor Anil Batra was very helpful and informative course. Training materials were well organized and provided good case studies. The training was clear and detailed. I liked Anil’s style of teaching. He set up by explaining what he was going to teach us, summarized, and proceeded to teach, providing relevant real-life examples and case studies from his years of experience in the field. He provided enough opportunity for the student to ask questions and went out of his way to support the learning of the subject matter. He was very easy to communicate and friendly. This course has helped me understand the bolts and nuts of digital analytics and has benefited my business by its application of it. I attribute this primarily to the instructor and secondarily to the quality materials. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to be digital analyst to work for a company or to manage their own company. 

What do you get?

  • Self Paced Program
  • Lectures and assignments that build your competency step by step.
  • Support from awesome community of fellow students and Optizent team
  • Certificate in Digital & Web Analytics

Q: I already know Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc. Will I still get any value from this program?

Yes! Absolutely! Even though we cover tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc., that is not the main focus of this program. The main focus of the program is to teach the process, how you apply these tools to solve business problems and of course, you also do get advanced level content on these and a few other tools.
A lot of people think that if they learning Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager then they are going to be a Digital Analyst and that thinking is flawed. Tools come and go but the fundamentals that you will learn in this course will provide you a solid foundation that will stand the test of time.

Q: Is it self-paced or are there live sessions?

All the content is self-paced. There are timelines assigned to help you keep on track. There is enough time for you to go over the content take the necessary steps to apply your learning to a real business. We will have office hours on regular basis to cover various time zones in case you need help.

Q: I have too many things going on. Will I have time to squeeze this program in?

I know you’re busy and that's why the program is designed to be self-paced. It only requires 2-3 hours a week. You can find that much time over any weekend or split it over the week. I want to you enjoy the learning without feeling overwhelmed. If you do feel overwhelmed at any point then reach out to me for further guidance.

Q: What about the tech? I’m not a techie!

No worries friend! Many students who join this program have no technical background. Many "free" videos will talk about all the "cool" hacks you can do to tag everything on your site but don't get anxious by those hacks, most of the time they are not even required. Digital & Web Analytics is not about how to tag something (that is a small part of the field) but it is about applying the data to solve business problems. We cover a lot more than tagging in this course.

Q: Do I have to finish the project to complete the course

No, project is optional but encouraged. You will develop the project sections as you go through the course so it won't take a lot of time for you to complete the project.  The project is not graded but a peer review is done to help you learn and solidify what you have learned.

Q. What types of career can I expect after this course?

This course can help you in getting a job as a Digital Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Web Analyst, Product Analyst, Marketer, Implementation Analyst, Data Visualization Analyst, to name a few. If you already are experienced in marketing then this can help you get a higher paying job.

Q. I already have a few years of experience and don't want to start a new career from the beginning. How will this program help?

Don't worry your past experience likely won't go waste. You can learn digital analytics skills and apply to most of the jobs so you won't have to start as a beginner. You can use the skill learned in this program to what you already know and transition into a new career. 

  • Fundamentals of Digital & Web Analytics - Learn the right terms and definitions.
  • 4 Steps Process that you can apply and make your mark - Without process you will be shooting in dark and will feel overwhelmed. This process will keep you and your stakeholders aligned.
  • Defining Right measures of success - Biggest mistake most people make is picking the wrong measure of success. Wrong measures lead to wasted time and lack of confidence in analytics. Learn how to get them right and everybody aligned.
  • Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google Tag Manager - Learn the fundamentals of tools that you can use to apply what you learn.
  • Creating a measurement plan - Measurement plan ensure that you put the right tracking in place.
  • Analyzing Data  - Learn the process to analyze the data like a pro.  Find the insights that drive the desired outcome.
  • Data Presentation - Learn the process, tools and the art of story telling to convey the analysis and convince the stakeholders.
  • Career/Resume Review (Optional) - Even if you are not looking a job change, this will help you make sure you are acquiring the right skills