BigQuery for Marketers and Marketing Analysts

Master BigQuery and SQL with GA4 and other data

Why Should You Learn BigQuery & SQL?

  • SQL allows you to conduct deeper analysis of your data
  • You can combined multiple data sources to get a complete view of a customer/user
  • Use 3rd party data along with 1st party data.
  • GA4 data has a direct pipeline into BigQuery so you can go beyond canned reports
  • SQL is now almost required by all Digital Analytics and Marketing Analytics role

How This Will Help Marketing and Business

  • Build a segment of your loyal customers and uses them for retargeting on Facebook, Google Ads etc.
  • Score your leads and customers to personalize onsite experience based on where they are in the journey.
  • Send personalized emails at the right time to right customers
  • Retarget customers on Facebook, Google Ads etc. based on their past purchase behavior, demographics etc.
  • Use weather data to localize your website experience
  • Use weather data to send personalized and timely emails and text.
  • Provide the next logical product or content based on users past behavior
  • Predict and prevent customer churn
  • and many more...
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