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What do you get in Google Analytics 4 Power Pack

  • GA4 Setup Checklist- When you are upgrading to GA4. This checklist alone is worth thousands of dollars. It will save you time and money and maybe you job. You can't live without this eBook.
  • 18 Key Benefits of using Google Analytics 4 (GA4) - Understand key benefits of GA4, this will help you and your team understand why GA4 is the future
  • 10 Things to know before upgrading to GA4 - Understand what to think about before upgrading from Universal Analytics to GA4
  • 50+ Things about GA4 that will make you look like a genius - Is a crash course in GA4. It will make you a genius in GA4. Impress your boss and team with the knowledge gained from this eBook
  • Video - What's Different in GA4 and Why You Must Care
  • Video - Most Common GA4 questions

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