Google Analytics 4 (GA4) For Beginners

Get started with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Get Comfortable with GA4 - A Step-By-Step Course for Beginners

Does any of This Sound Like You?

  • You need a course that help you make sense of GA4 Data Model
  • You need a step by step course that teaches you how to use the interface, navigate the reports and understand the metrics.
  • You need a course that shows you how to conduct data analysis with GA4

If yes, then this course is for you

  • You will learn GA4 reports and interface step by step
  • Remove the overwhelm by letting us focus on the new updates, while you focus on learning
  • Understand how to dig deeper into the data to build the right reports

Course Content

  • Understand how GA4 works
  • Learn GA4 data model
  • Learn to create custom dimensions and metrics in GA
  • Customize GA4 reporting menu
  • Explore GA4 data 
  • Send GA4 data to BigQuery for deeper analysis
  • and much more..

What Will You Get In The Course?

Content and Challenges

  • GA4 self-paced lectures for reporting and analysis
  • Practice problems and solutions. 
  • Regular content additions, new challenges, answers to your questions via our newsletter.


  • Exclusive members only community dedicated to GA4.
  • Peer to peer support from member.

Frequently Asked Questions

GA4 is a completely different tool. It has some similarities with Universal Analytics but not much. 

We offer a different program to help you learn and practice GA4. However, you can use this material to practice on your own.

Yes, absolutely. You will gain the confidence you need to master GA4.

No this course is not for implementation.  If you want to learn implementation as well then you can either enroll in the GA4 - Master Implementation course or signup for the Bundle of GA4 course.

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