Digital Analytics Inner Circle Membership

Learn how to use Data and Analytics for better user experience, marketing and conversions. 20+ courses and members only community to support you.

Right content and support Digital Marketers and Analysts need to be successful.

Digital Marketing & Analytics Landscape is Changing Everyday.
It is overwhelming!

You need help and support to keep your on track and save you from the anxiety.
You need people who can guide you.
You basically need an inner circle to rely on.
And that's exactly what Optizent Academy is here for.

What to learn, are you doing it right, where to get the help, etc. are just some of the questions you might have.
Get the right content
Get the right learning path
Get the support and help from Optizent Team and Members

Master Web, Digital & Marketing Analytics
with the right content and support you need to
Learn, Connect & Grow.

Become a Complete Digital Analyst with both Business and Technical Content.

Does Any Of This Sound Like You?

  • You are a Digital Marketer who need to add Data and Analytics skills to enhance your craft and career.
  • You are overwhelmed with the every changing landscape, tools, process etc.
  • You are lonely in your pursuit of Data Driven Marketing! You don't have anybody in your organization to help you brainstorm, support and provide guidance. 
  • You are an agency owner/leader who needs to bring digital analytics and data skills to your clients.
  • You use or have a need to use a tool like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio etc.
  • You need to master digital analytics but can't find the right path and mentorship.
  • Stuck in your career and need a clear path to become a Digital Analytics Rockstar.

Imagine If

  • You got exactly the content you need to succeed by removing all the distractions
  • You can surround yourself with people who can help you succeed, people who bring experience from various Digital fields.
  • You got all the guidance  you need so you never feel stuck
  • You got the mentorship you need.
  • You got your inner circle. The support system that you can count on. 

Yes, It is Possible!

That's what Optizent Inner Circle Membership is!

A Membership That Will

  • Provide the right content to master the art of using digital data to drive business and marketing decisions.
  • Provide you access to a community that is there to help and support you
  • Provide you opportunities to share your ideas and get feedback
  • Provide you opportunities to practice your presentation skills
  • Help you become more confident in your analysis
  • Provide you Peer to Peer Support and Mentorship
  • Provide you the right content you need to be successful so you don't waste time on unnecessary courses and content. Provide you 25+ courses on various topics in Digital Analytics
  • Help you gain new skills to get that promotion that you deserve.
  •  Allow you to confidently add digital data and analytics services to your core offerings
  • Provide you networking opportunity to find new job opportunities or freelance work and make more money
  • Help you Become A Digital, Web and Marketing Analytics Rockstar.

You are just a click away!

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Become a Digital Analytics Rockstar, join Optizent Inner Circle

Only membership in the world that focuses on both Business and Technical side of Digital Analytics.

Here is the proof

This membership has been an incredible resource for weeding through the mass of information in our field and finding the most important areas to focus on for really advancing my career in digital analytics.

The content is poignant and actually in the context of REAL WORLD use cases in the business world -- not textbook fluff and that's what stood out to me from day one. I have LOVED the format, the training and the calls. The people I've been able to meet and rub shoulders with have been amazing too. The ability to pair the course material with live calls where we could expand on the learnings and talk real-life scenarios from different backgrounds and industries... That has made this membership invaluable to me.

I'd highly recommend to anyone looking to not just expand in the realm of technical expertise, but to really take the steps to move into strategy and beyond.
- Aly Runner

What Will You Get In The MemberSHIP?

Content and Challenges

  • 20+ Courses covering both technical and business aspects of Digital Analytics. (Only program that offers both)
  • Learn Data Analysis, Data Visualization, and Data Storytelling.
  • Learn A/B testing and Personalization
  • Master tools and analysis with tools like GA, GA4, GTM, SQL, BigQuery, Optimize, Data Studio and Tableau etc.
  • Practice problems and solutions. 
  • Regular content additions, new challenges, answers to your questions.


  • Exclusive members only community to provide you support when you need it.
  • Bi-monthly exclusive members only meeting to discuss various topics and bring you the latest information.
  • Peer to peer support from member means you learn and you share. You will never feel stuck. 
  • Your success is our success.

Live Training Sessions

  • Many live session on various topics covering business and technical side of digital analytics.
  • Sessions with other industry experts to help you learn from the best.
  • You help decide the topics to be covered.


  • Business requirement gathering template.
  • Business requirements to tracking requirements template.
  • Technical tracking requirements
  • Ready made JavaScript codes
  • SQL Scripts for faster Analysis that will have immediate business impact.
  • Setup Checklists

What's included in this membership

  • Access to 20+ course that include both business and technical side of Digital Analytics.
  • Templates, cheatsheets and ready made scripts
  • Bi-Monthly and ad-hoc calls to support you in your journey
  • New content to help you with whatever issues you are facing
  • Exclusive access to community of other members who are there to provide guidance and support you
  • Professional Relationships & Network Development to help you find new job opportunities or freelance work

Learn and earn certificate in the following programs. All included in the membership.
There are many more courses!

Google Analytics (Including GA4) Certificate

Google Tag Manager 

Web & Digital Analytics


A/B testing

SQL for Marketing with SQL Server

JavaScript for Marketing Analytics

Google Data Studio

Google Optimize

Data and Implementation Troub

Data Storytelling and Influencing with Data

Digital Data Analysis Tips

Plus many more courses, eBooks and videos

Frequently Asked Questions

Tools are a small part of Digital Analytics.  Our focus is to help you learn how to use Digital Analytics to drive better customer experience, marketing and conversions. A lot of learning happens in our meetings. You don't get to brainstorm in the courses but you get to brainstorm in these meetings so you can join just to be part of the inner circle.

We can provide you a site to practice what you learn. We even have a course in the membership that will help you build your own site/WordPress blog to practice.
Each course has practical material so you can apply the learning as you go through the content.

As mentioned above, you can join just to listen and learn from others. Many business opportunities arise from the networking and that's what we enable within this group. You can interact with people from around the world and find new business opportunities or employees.

We offer options for everybody. You will get experience appropriate learning content to help you make progress. As you learn and get experience, your content will evolve too.

You can cancel within 7 days and your money will be refunded. I am sure you will love the courses but if for some reason you hate the courses and just want your money back, you will get 100% money back as long as you let us know within 7 days.

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Registration for the Membership is now closed!
Click here to join the waitlist!